Spray Tanning

Spoilt for choice... Society Of HAIR & BEAUTY specialise in Airbrush Tanning so we feel it is our duty to provide our clients with some of the best brands available.

Spray Tan £25.00


ST TROPEZ EXPRESS TAN £20.00 (medium & dark)


St Tropez Express, A natural looking tan to suit every skin tone, Streak-free & easy-to-apply formulations. 100% Natural Tanning Agent. Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology, which virtually eliminates the self tan aroma. it's unique colour blend adapts to all skin types and without any doubt it gives a just back from the beach tan. Develops in only 3 hours and gives an instant, even and bronze colour.

SIENNA X £20.00 Tonight's The Night (medium & dark)


Sienna X, This fast deveploping professional tan will be ready for your clients to wash off after as little as 2 hours. Suitable for all skin types; those with a darker skin tone should simply leave the tan to develop for 4 hours. For light to medium skin tones, leave on for at least 2 hours. Number 1 professional tanning choice used by Strictly Come Dancing, The Brit Awards 2011/2012 and How To Look Good Naked.

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